The CS Plus 350SS

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 Induction Cap Sealing

The CS Plus 350SS

The CS Plus350SS is our most advanced patented self-cooled cap sealer. Designed for high volumes, the CS Plus350SS can handle line speeds up to 350 feet per minute. It’s completely water-free and fan-free, offering the ultimate in reliability and performance.

Whatever your conveyor speed, the CS Plus integrates easily into your line. It is shipped ready to roll up to your conveyor and begin sealing caps from 5mm to 120mm. The easy-to-use controls permit a variety of settings including an “Energy Saver Mode.”


Advanced, self-contained, convection cooled system: operates in high ambient temperature and humidity conditions U.S. Patent. No. 6,713,735 granted March 30, 2004

Smooth, precise adjustment of sealing head height

Solid state design with high-efficiency sealing heads

System integrity monitoring: for power, current, frequency, phase, temperature and communication

Stainless steel, NEMA 4-approved enclosure and modular components

Two year warranty: longest in industry


Water-free: requires no water system or plumbing

Fan-free sealing head: eliminates filter changes and downtime

No moving parts: eliminates maintenance and cleaning

Quicker setup with no assembly: just uncrate and roll it up to your line


Interface panel: permits use of accessories such as remote control panel with five remote inputs and three relay outputs

Light tower: alerts operators of status, with three color indicators (green, yellow, and red) and two sirens

Remote control panel

For more information on accessories available for this product visit our Accessories page. To request more information on the CS Plus350SS contact us.

Remote capability: allows a second control panel to be located away from the sealing head

Optional motion sensing package: to monitor line speed, stalls, alignment and tolerance setting

Easy-to-operate, legible microprocessor controls: allow user-defined parameters such as Percent Power and Energy Save

Input230±10% V AC
7 Amps
50/60 Hz
1 phase
(optional 3 phase)
Max Line
 350 feet/minute
Cap Size 5 to 120mm
Weight 200 lbs.
Crated Weight 250 lbs.
Height Max 80″
Height under
Sealing Head
 Min 40″
Max 60″
Footprint 30″ x 32″