Cap Inspection System

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 Induction Cap Sealing

The CS Plus 350SS

Cap Inspector
The Cap Inspection System is specifically designed to be used with any induction heating cap sealing equipment. The advanced features and the flexibility of the system allow it to monitor a wide range of container sizes at various conveyor line speeds. The Cap Inspector will detect and respond to a number of faulty conditions occurring during the induction cap sealing process.


Detects all typical fault conditions on a conveyor line during the cap sealing process: Missing Cap, Bottle Misalignment (offset from center line), Cocked or unscrewed cap, Bottle Down, Idle State / No Bottles.

4 Relay Outputs (Ready/Fault, Monitoring On, Line, Ejector)

Easy to operate and user friendly design.Self learning “AUTO CONFIGURATION” feature.

The Ejector (not included) can be located up to 10Ft away from the sensing system.

The Cap Inspector consists of the following monitoring systems:

  1. Foil/Cap Monitor
    The combination of a photo sensor and an analog output proximity sensor detect the following conditions on the conveyor line and energizes “EJECTOR” relay contacts: Missing liner in the cap. Bottle without a cap.
  2. Cap Distance Monitor
    The analog proximity sensor can also detect the following conditions: Misplaced or cocked cap. The coupling distance to the cap has changed. Bottles are offset from the center of the Sealing Head.
  3. Bottle Down Monitor
    An additional photo sensor provides detection of fallen bottles or foreign objects on the conveyor line. These bottles are also ejected from the line.
  4. Idle/Line Monitor
    The Line Monitor senses the presence or absence of bottles on the line and energizes the “LINE” relay output if there are no bottles on the line longer than pre-set time. The relay contacts return to their normal state when the sensors see bottles are detected again.

Each of these monitoring systems can be turned On and Off and operate independently from the rest.

The Cap Inspector is a flexible system, designed to work in various operating conditions such as a wide range bottles and cap sizes, conveyor speeds, and distance between containers. In order to respond to this wide range of requirements, the system is designed so that several operating parameters can be entered and edited in manual or auto configuration mode.

All the sensors and the control unit come pre-wired in an easy to install assembly.

Process Control Benefits

2×20 LCD Display with Backlight. 3 additional Status LEDs.

Universal Supply Voltage (95 to 250V AC).

Productivity rate (bottles/min) is constantly monitored and displayed.

Small, compact, watertight design.

Input230±10% V AC
7 Amps
50/60 Hz
1 phase
(optional 3 phase)
Max Line
 350 feet/minute
Cap Size 5 to 120mm
Weight 200 lbs.
Crated Weight 250 lbs.
Height Max 80″
Height under
Sealing Head
 Min 40″
Max 60″
Footprint 30″ x 32″

Quality Control Benefits:

100% container inspection of seal process related problems Easier way to check the seal process and avoid complicated destructive seal tests

Historical seal process data available to identify quality control trends and assure compliance with quality standards

Production Benefits:

Faster production set-up time when new equipment and/or new material is added to the line. This equipment automatically checks the sealing process against previously programmed standards, allowing the line to be adjusted for maximum performance.

Reduced QC labor costs since many tests now performed manually can be done with this equipment

Packaging Benefits:

Easier way to evaluate line set up Reduced package waste by earlier detection of problems

More complete and accurate monitoring of variables that effect seal quality