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 Induction Cap Sealing


Lepel offers a variety of optional equipment and accessories to complement your induction cap sealing systems.

Interface Panel: permits use of accessories such as remote control with five remote inputs and three relay outputs
Light tower: alerts operators of status, with three color indicators (green, yellow, and red) and two sirens

Remote Control: Water-tight push button enclosure with pre-wired 20-foot cord. Illuminated START and STOP controls.
Process Control System: An advanced combination detection system that detects and responds to a number of faulty conditions. It can log, display and perform statistical data analysis. Connection is through a basic RS-232 port.

Cap Inspector: The Cap Inspection System is specifically designed to be used with Lepel’s Induction Heating Cap Sealing Equipment. The advanced features and the flexibility of the system allow it to monitor a wide range of container sizes at various conveyor line speeds. The Cap Inspector will detect and respond to a number of faulty conditions, occurring during the induction cap sealing process. More information…

Motion Sensing System: The Motion Sensing system will detect and respond to various conditions that will adversely affect sealing capabilities. The motion sensing system is contained inside the sealing head to eliminate any additional set up mounting or adjustments. The system is easy to operate and user friendly.

Auto-Configure — The Motion Sensing System sets itself.
Stalled Bottle Detection ? Monitors containers under the sealing unit and will sound an alarm if bottles are stalled or jammed.
Line Speed Detection ? Bottle speed is increased or decreased more than users’specified %.
Alignment Monitoring ? To detect bottles that are not centered under the sealing head center.
Conveyor speed monitoring.
Alarm Filter ? Allows operator to set the sensitivity.